Public Trust Services

Public trust in is the degree to which the public believes that business will act in a particular manner because the business has included the public’s interest into its own. It is a critical ingredient for social cooperation and market efficiency and a cause for deep concern when it is absent or threatened. Meristem Trustees acts as Trustees to:

 1. Endowment/Foundation Management

 Meristem Trustees offer services in the area of Endowment scheme management. We specialize amongst others in setting up and managing Endowment Funds on behalf of our clients to meet a particular objective.

Endowment Funds may for instance be set up to cater for the less privileged members of the society, aged people, and school children or to address security challenges. It is a way of giving back to the society and to cater for less privileged members of the society.

 2. Trustee To Mutual Funds & Unit Trust Schemes

In order to achieve regulatory compliance and Investors protection, we act as Trustees to unit holders in unit trust schemes. Specifically, we monitor the Fund Manager’s activities to ensure compliance with the Trust Deed, Prospectus and relevant regulations. We also perform the following roles:

  • Monitor and maintain register of unit holders.
  • Ascertain that monthly and other periodic returns/reports relating to the scheme are sent to the regulators by the Fund Manager

3. Government And Corporate Bonds

Governments and corporations at periodic times issue Bonds in order to raise funds for a variety of projects and activities.

As bond trustees, we represent the interest of bondholders by ensuring that the requirements and terms of the Trust Deed are implemented.

With respect to Government Bonds, our duties involve holding the security and performing the administrative functions required under the conditions for the bond in line with the laws.

Our roles in respect of Bond issues include;

  • Establishing the accounts related to the bonds.
  • Invoicing the Issuer for the debt service payments and holding funds until dispersed.
  • Maintaining a list of bond holders.
  • Representing the interests of bondholders in the event of a default.
  • Managing the sinking fund
  • Any other function as may be necessary to achieve identified objectives.