Corporate Trust Services

Corporate Trust is a Trust that a we create to secure a bond or other debt security. In other words, a corporate trust is effectively, money set aside to ensure that bondholders are covered in the event of default on the issue. We offer Corporate Trust Services such as:

  1. Trust For Consortium / Syndicated Financing: This arrangement arises where no one (single) bank or lender can provide a facility required by a borrower. We provide this service from and at both ends of the deal to actually bring the two parties together in order to facilitate the realization of their desired needs. Our services will include;
  • Handling the releases and substitution of assets based on valuation, title and security registration
  • Carrying out the instructions of the secured Creditors.
  • Holding assets used as security/collateral for all future and subsequent changes in security arrangements.
  • Admitting new syndicate members to participate in the lending and security without the need to amend or re-register the security of the borrower.
  • Setting up and executing a security Trust Deed over all the assets to be secured as well as other relevant and ancillary documents.
  1. Trust for Nominee Services: This is trust concept that arises where a person (Appointor) appoints or nominates another person (Nominee) to act in his stead. Such a Nominee enjoys all the rights and liabilities of the Appointer. To protect the agreement establishing the relationship between the shareholder and his nominee, both parties usually enter into a trust relationship, which is not known to the company. The trust instrument entered into by both parties thereby regulates the rights of both parties.
  1. Trust For Debenture Stocks: A Debenture stock in its simplest form is a written acknowledgement of indebtedness by the company issuing it to the subscriber. By operation of law, every company offering debenture to the public for subscription is required before issuing any of the debenture, to execute a debenture Trust Deed in respect of the transaction. The Trustee is also required to execute the Deed on behalf of the Debenture Holders.
  1. Company Secretarial Services: We provide the following corporate services:
  • Company Secretarial services for Companies and special purpose Vehicles.
  • Membership on the Board of Trustees of Registered Foundations and Charities.
  • Independent Company directors for special purpose Vehicles etc.
  1. Employee Share Ownership Scheme (ESOS): Employees remain a key asset of any successful organization hence the need to attract and retain them. To attract and retain quality staff, companies offer some form of ownership to their employees. The ESOS is premised on this understanding and the need for firms to adopt strategies such as direct stock award to keep and motivate employees. The advantages of this service include:
  • It helps promote the long term financial success of a company
  • It is a vehicle to attract and retain key talent vital to the future of the organization
  • A cost-effective plan to motivate employees.
  • Preserves and generates cash flow.
  • No upfront cost to a company.
  • Creates a sense of belonging in the Employees.
  1. Warehousing Trust: Goods financed by Banks are often lost to pilfering, carelessness and even mismanagement.  It has therefore become a common practice for lenders to request for goods to be put in a trust arrangement in order to provide some extra comfort in addition to the collateral given by the customer. Our Warehousing Trust is aimed at providing this comfort while ensuring that the customer secures the much-needed finance and that the Bank provides same. The benefits of this service include:
  • Removes the burden and responsibility as far as the Warehouse is concerned from the Bank to the Trustees.
  • Professional management of the Warehouse