We provide simplified trusteeship services

Corporate Trust Services

Corporate Trust is a Trust that a we create to secure a bond or other debt security. In other words, a corporate trust is effectively, money set aside to ensure that bondholders are covered in the event of default on the issue. We offer Corporate Trust Services such as:

  • Security And Debenture Trust
  • Security Trustee Role
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Trustees To Employess Benefit Schemes
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Private Trust

Private trust is a trust created for the benefit of individuals other than a public or charitable purpose. It is created for the financial benefit of one or more designated beneficiaries rather than for the public benefit.  At Meristem Trustees, we aid Individuals manage their assets through:

  • Living Trust
  • Custodial/Nominal Services
  • Will/Testamentary Services
  • Administration of Estate
  • Trust/Settlement Endowment Scheme
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Public Trust

Public trust in is the degree to which the public believes that business will act in a particular manner because the business has included the public’s interest into its own. It is a critical ingredient for social cooperation and market efficiency and a cause for deep concern when it is absent or threatened. Meristem Trustees acts as Trustees to:

  • Foundations, Charities and Endowments
  • Collective Investment Schemes, Unit Trust Schemes etc.
  • Governement Bonds
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