Meristem Trustees Ltd introduces the KEDAT

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Taking care of a child can sometimes be an enormous task. The cost implications keep rising, and with the spike in inflation, which reverberates on certain sectors like Education, Health and other core dynamics.

One of the problems often faced is funding. It is common knowledge that saving towards realizing this desire is always very difficult in the face of other pressing financial needs worse still where such parent is incapacitated (loss of job, accident or death).

The Kiddies Education Assurance Trust is a product that ensures that parents can get their child the best education in a good institution, either locally or abroad. It helps to amplify the efforts, through a procedural approach to fund build-up.

It incorporates life and disability insurance cover to ensure completion of education in the event of death or disability.

More so, the primary focus of the trust are parents and guardians.

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