Meristem Trustees launches the Inheritance Trust

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It is mostly said that, death may be a necessary end that one may not completely avoid, but certainly an eventuality that you can plan for. Meristem Trustee initiated the Inheritance Trust to cushion people during a loss, with a product that agreeably clarifies discordance.

When individuals fail to provide a will before they die, their property, their money, and their possessions will be apportioned out according to the dictates of the law, instead of the individual’s wishes. This could mean they pass unto someone who wasn’t intended, or even that someone who is desired to receive or have everything passed on to ends up getting nothing at all.

However, our product is structured in such a way as to eliminate the strife, unending litigation, confusion etc., most commonly associated with survivors of a person who dies leaving behind a Will or one who dies without any plans at all.

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