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Our Services

Corporate Trust Services

We offer Corporate Trust Services such as Security & Debenture Trust, Company Secretarial Services, etc. Read more.

Private Trust Services

We aid Individuals manage their assets through Living Trusts, Administration of Estate, Custodial Trusteeship etc. Read more.

Public Trust Services

We act as Trustees to Foundations, Charities & Endowments, Collective Investment Scheme, etc. Learn more.


“To be a distinct and preferred Trust Service provider”

Our Products

  • Trust For Consortium Financing

    This arrangement arises where no one (single) bank or lender can provide a facility required by a borrower.

  • Trust For Debenture Stocks

    Meristem Nigerian Treasury Bill: At Meristem, we afford investors the opportunity to partake in the Federal Government treasury bills investments.

  • Trust For Nominee Shareholding

    This is trust concept that arises where a person (Appointor) appoints or nominates another person (Nominee) to act in his stead.

  • Company Secretarial Services

    We provide the following corporate services such as Company Secretarial services for Companies and special purpose Vehicles.

  • Employee Share Ownership Scheme (ESOS)

    Employees remain a key asset of any successful organization to attract and retain quality staff, companies offer some form of ownership to their employees

  • Wills Drafting / Executorship Services

    At Meristem, We ensure that the individual’s wishes and desires as reflected in a will are adequately protected and executed after his/her death.

  • Procurement of Letters Of Administration

    We engage in acting as Administrator and procuring Letters of Administration for the estate of deceased clients who died intestate (without a Will).

  • Meristem Diaspora Trust (MDT)

    MDT is aimed at ensuring that the fear often faced by Nigerians in the Diaspora who want a reliable “Eye” in Nigeria over their investments or Home-coming plans are eliminated.

  • Living Trusts

    Our Living Trust service ensures that assets of clients are transferred to their loved ones whilst they are still alive and that same is done without the delay .

  • Private Education Trust

    The Meristem Education Trust Fund allows you to set aside either a lump sum amount or periodic contributions over time to provide for the education of the named beneficiary.

  • Endowment/Foundation Management

    We specialize amongst others in setting up and managing Endowment Funds on behalf of our clients to meet a particular objective.

  • Trustee To Mutual Funds & Unit Trust Schemes

    Specifically, we monitor the Fund Manager’s activities to ensure compliance with the Trust Deed, Prospectus and relevant regulations.

  • Government And Corporate Bonds

    As bond trustees, we represent the interest of bondholders by ensuring that the requirements and terms of the Trust Deed are implemented.

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